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Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

BCMSN - Building Cisco® Multilayer Switched Networks

• Connecting the Switch Block
• Defining Common Workgroups
• Managing Redundant Links
• Inter-VLAN Routing
• Improving IP Routing Performance with Multilayer Switching
• Configuring HSRP for Fault Tolerant Routing
• Multicast Overview
• Configuring IP Multicast
• Controlling Access to the Campus Network

BSCI - Building Scalable Cisco® Internetwork Module

• Routing Principles
• Extending IP Addresses
• Configuring OSPF in a Single Area
• Interconnecting Multiple OSPF Areas
• Configuring EIGRP
• Configuring Basic Border Getaway Protocol
• Implementing BGP in Scalable Networks
• Optimizing Routing Update Operation
• Implementing the Basic of IPv6

ISCW - Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks

• Describe Cable (HFC) technologies
• Describe xDSL technologies
• Configure ADSL (i.e., PPPoE or PPPoA)
• Verify basic teleworker configurations
• Describe the components and operations of IPSec VPNs and GRE Tunnels
• Configure a site-to-site IPSec VPN/GRE Tunnel with SDM (i.e., preshared key)
• Verify IPSec/GRE Tunnel configurations (i.e., IOS CLI configurations)
• Describe, Configure, and verify AutoSecure/One-Step Lockdown implementations (i.e., CLI and SDM)
• Describe, configure, and verify AAA for Cisco Routers
• Describe and configure threat and attack mitigation using ACLs

ONT - Optimizing Converged Cisco® Networks

• Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks Introductions
• Describe Cisco VoIP implementations
• Describe QoS considerations
• Third Party Tools and Applications
• Implementing DiffServ QoS Model
• Implement AutoQoS
• Implement WLAN security and management
• Describe and configure wireless security and basic wireless management
• Describe the need to implement QoS and the methods for implementing QoS on a converged network using Cisco's routers and Catalyst Switches

The Trainers

Hong Lei, CCIE

The Acchievement

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