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SAS Solutions for Banking

Today's sluggish economy and shaky world order have brought harsh realities to the forefront in the banking industry. Banks worldwide face global competition, high customer attrition rates and the strain of new regulations that have brought increased scrutiny to corporate boardrooms. Because banks all face similar business issues, they share the same basic goals: reduce costs, increase profits, maximize shareholder value and return on equity.This ever-growing list of challenges is forcing banks to rethink strategies and develop business models that will keep them operating competitively in today's high-tech, multichannel banking industry. Survival depends on quickly making the right strategic decisions – but how?

The good news is that most of what you need already exists throughout your organization in the form of data – huge volumes of it that you collect every day. For most banks, however, this goldmine of information is scattered throughout dozens of systems, geographies and lines of business. The challenge – and the prize – is to glean real intelligence from all that data.

To help banks achieve this prize, SAS offers a suite of integrated, banking-specific solutions called SAS Banking Intelligence Solutions. This family of flexible, extensible solutions includes prebuilt data models and analytical models as well as streamlined processes and techniques that speed up both implementation and results, giving you a fast track to significant ROI.

SAS Banking Intelligence Solutions and other focused SAS solutions give you the ability to:

Manage risk. A key differentiator for banks is the ability to assess and manage risk more effectively than the competition. SAS offers a suite of solutions to support the successful management of all relevant risk exposures. SAS Risk Intelligence provides a consistent, coherent approach to managing credit, market and operational risk throughout the enterprise while maintaining Basel II compliance. From the customer side, SAS Credit Scoring for Banking helps you perform application and behavioral scoring to assess the credit worthiness of customers. SAS Anti-Money Laundering lets you easily uncover suspicious financial activity within your organization, thus reducing fraud and adhering to strict regulations. And with SAS Fair Banking you can reliably and consistently execute HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending compliance program monitoring, with a comprehensive understanding of markets, channels, products and customers.

Increase customer profitability. SAS' unmatched analytical power combined with knowledge of banking-specific CRM challenges empowers you to execute a comprehensive CRM strategy. SAS Customer Retention for Banking helps you determine the likelihood of customer attrition, as well as which customers are worth targeting for retention campaigns. SAS Marketing Automation for Banking combines SAS' analytics with powerful campaign management functionality to help you drive more effective, efficient marketing campaigns.

Improve operational efficiency. SAS also offers solutions to help you efficiently manage your key internal processes. SAS Human Capital Management delivers insights that enable you to plan and implement effective human capital strategies to derive the most value from employees and intermediaries. SAS IT Management Solutions let you go beyond traditional IT performance management and leverage the full potential of each IT resource across the enterprise. SAS Financial Management Solutions provide budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting capabilities that help you improve financial decision making and optimize financial performance in every corner of your organization.

Align, track and measure performance. To enhance the effectiveness all SAS solutions and measure your company's progress toward strategic objectives, SAS Strategic Performance Management for Banking facilitates the planning, communication and execution of winning corporate strategies through the use of banking-specific key performance indicators.

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